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PointPath Inc. was founded on the premise that all companies are capable of engaging their customers in ways that will generate tremendous loyalty. With years of Corporate experience, the Founder, Shelisa Bainbridge, has come to deeply understand the support that businesses need to attain this result, and that achieving it starts first and foremost from the “outside” of the organization: with the customers themselves.

Pursuing an “outside-in” strategy is our core principle. Our team has developed proprietary processes that deeply connect three foundational activities: customer profiling, process analysis, and agile delivery.

PointPath excels in design thinking, process design, system integration, agile implementation, relationship management, and more. We bring your customers the very best in systems that answer exactly what their customers truly need, while delivering it with speed and quality.

The ultimate result is a new way of working that will boost sales and get in touch with your customers’ deepest needs, and offering ground-breaking, new products and services to your market.


The opportunities to innovate are limitless. Innovative ideas are represented in the ways that businesses interact with their customer, patients are receiving care, children are being taught, and perhaps most importantly, in the accessibility to social opportunities for people around the world.

Our mission is to help organizations of all kinds find a better way to communicate with and improve the lives of people everywhere; and we accomplish this through a blend of consultation services, transitioning our knowledge through customized training sessions in each of our areas of expertise, and then coaching your teams as they implement their learnings in real business scenarios.

Putting people and relationships at the heart of everything that we do also means that we engage with your teams in ways that will make them confident and proficient at building agile, innovative  cosystems for the long-term.


Shelisa Bainbridge

Shelisa Bainbridge


At PointPath Inc., our most intrinsic joy is deeply rooted in re-energizing creative confidence in people, teams, and organizations, and in working together to offer products, services, and processes that will strengthen our ties in the world around us.


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PointPath has offices in the GTA and London, Ontario