Agile Market Delivery

Bringing together your new and improved customer profiling strategy and revitalized lean processes, you’ll have the support you need to integrate everything together and create a truly remarkable system that addresses your customers’ true needs. Now, let’s close the loop by talking about implementation, managing change, and training you for long-term success.

Our development and implementation services can be delivered using a traditional project management approach, or by using agile principles.

Our development and implementation strategies are designed to make your organization agile, so you can react, adjust, and adapt changes in your market, technology, or customer needs. Taking this approach also enables us to pivot your strategy as it’s being built.

Agile systems use a collaborative approach that involves input from the entire team throughout the process, and focuses more on people and interactions as opposed to the process and tools that are emphasized in a traditional project management model.

The result is a reduction of roadblocks that could limit your productivity, delay timelines, and hamper your end results, as well as an improved and more collaborative corporate culture.

Resistance to change in the workplace can be strong, especially if your workforce has been using the same systems for years.

In many cases, change management strategies fail due to the lack of people engagement. Problems arise when communication breaks down, and your people feel like they’re not being heard.

At PointPath, we understand the ripple effect that can occur with change. We offer strategies that help you deal with change management within your workforce through tried-and-true techniques that puts the emphasis on what your people are truly concerned about.

Our change management strategy promotes open, clear, and transparent communication between all parties, and balances your workforce’s concerns with your organizational direction. We don’t make concessions on your behalf, but rather keep the dialogue going so that all of their questions are answered.

We can train your organization to understand your new key performance indicators, helping them to understand how to define a healthy performance target, and what to do when your processes are not performing according to plan. We can also help your employees to understand and leverage exciting new techniques that will allow them to deeply understand your customer’s needs, and teach them how to develop and deploy their new ideas in a highly responsive, agile fashion.

We’ll answer every question until your team is fully trained on all of the new methodologies and activities, and provide training support throughout our entire engagement.


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