Lean Process Analysis and Redesign

Innovating on products and services inevitably requires a review of existing internal processes in order to ensure efficient delivery of your innovations. The systems and processes that we re-engineer will be designed for market agility so that your business will be able to react nimbly to customer needs on an ongoing basis.

Once your processes are defined, we also help you to define measurements to track your process behaviour and measure its effectiveness.

In many cases, businesses strategize and build their operations according to internal requirements. Your customer is the recipient of those decisions, built by your project team with a traditional “inside-out” approach. This means that, on a completely internal basis, your team has brainstormed ideas, aligned on strategies, and designed supporting processes, systems, and structures that align with their vision.

The only significant input usually taken into consideration is internal customer behavioural data, internal motivation, and opinion. What’s missing is the actual viewpoint of the customer, a human element that even the most robust data cannot capture.

At PointPath, we lead strategic discussions and process reviews with an “outside-in” lens. This approach is driven and motivated by what your customers truly need, which is what your systems and processes should really be designed for.

Before we take the step to analyze and redesign your processes, it’s important to re-examine your customer profile, so we can create a system that address exactly what your customers’ true needs are.

This process starts with analyzing your internal data to understand how your customers are behaving. We then couple these findings with research cultivated through deep customer empathy interactions.

We not only review existing consumer behaviour, but we also try to understand who isn’t engaging with your brand and why. With this more complete and robust collection of information, we are able to innovate on products or services that will both excite your existing buyers while also attracting new customers away from your competition.

Based on our findings, we’ll redesign your processes with a lean system that will reduce waste, optimize flow, and allow for organizational agility.

We perform a deep analysis of your system components, including:

  • How your high level process are measured, work together, and flow;
  • Examination and calculation of your key performance metrics;
  • Correct and detailed definition of your targets;
  • Review of your organizational structure, including agility level.
A lean approach to process redesign focuses on measuring, locating, and reducing system waste in areas such as human energy, resources, and time. Reducing waste means higher profit margins and reduced operating costs.

One of the most unique aspects of lean systems is that they’re designed from a customer’s perspective, identifying which parts of your system truly bring the customer value, and which do not. System components that don’t bring the customer value are often adjusted or eliminated altogether.

This approach brings your customer a better experience, and puts you in touch with their deepest needs. The results are increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and spend.

Once your lean process has been designed, the next step would be to integrate it into your system. We can take care of that seamlessly and efficiently by not only handling the technical details, but also by employing a change management strategy that will address the questions and concerns of your workforce.

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